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Who We Are


Vegan Sauvage offer vegan catering services to Edinburgh and Lothains, and beyond! We have a wide range of ‘ethical food’ choices for those that have a love for great tasting cuisine.



Our Aims

We aim to provide an innovative street food and catering service experience providing for ethical and gluten dietary requirements, with a love for seasonal plant based foods and great Sauvage taste and flavour we creatively enhance.


Using professional and experienced chefs, we are devoted to maintaining our high standards of food preparation and our high quality of fresh and organic plant base ingredients.



Our Vegan Food is Loved

  • Yes, our vegan food is not from animals or tested on them.
  • Yes, our vegan food comes from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources.
  • Yes, our vegan food is full of nutritional value and a healthier option than many other event caterers and street food vendors.
  • However, you don’t have to feel passionate about any of the above to enjoy our cuisine.


More and more people are trying then loving our vegan food simply because it’s something new for them to try and with so many recipes to choose from there is always something to suit your palate.



Ethical, Vetted and Insured

  • As well as serving up our very own delicious dishes, we also stock products from third party companies that share our values such as Greencity Wholefoods
  • Many of the cups and containers used in the street food and event catering industry are made of plastic that is not biodegradable or made up of composite. They may be made of recyclable cardboard but with a plastic coating on the inside making them not recyclable. We are as passionate about the environment as we are about food and for that reason we use packaging made from plants, supplied to us by Vegware, who also have a base in Edinburgh




What We Do


Not just in Edinburgh and Lothians but also further afield, we provide vegan catering for all kinds of events and functions. We also attend several festivals and outdoor events throughout the year, selling our much loved vegan streetfood.  

We can cater for all sizes of events, with an extensive choice of dishes and finger foods to choose from. We are also able to meet any dietry requirements your guests may have. 

Having a vegan buffet at your event or function is not only healthy and ethical it’s also a little different to the norm, the regular, the usual.

Give your guests a unique food experience, hire Vegan Sauvage!


Typical events and functions we can provide catering for

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Coporate Events
  • Conferences
  • Dinner Parties
  • Christmas Parties


Some of our Favourite Dishes

  • Crispy Kale with Spicy Nuts and Veganaise
  • Falafel with Orange Beetroot and Chickpeas
  • Falafels, Chickpeas, Spicy Nuts and Mixed Salad


If you would like to enquire about hiring us you can do so through our Contact Form



Festivals and Outdoor Events

Attending several festivals and outdoor events throughout the year, in Edinburgh and beyond, helps to promote our brand and gives us the chance to introduce our lovely food to the wider public.


Meeting the public this way is valuable to us as it gives us the chance to not only promote our business, meet new people and potential future clients, it’s also a great way to try out new dishes and get instant feedback.


Our stall proves to be popular at most of the festivals and outdoor events we attend, not only with vegans but with those who like to be a little more adventurous with their food and try new taste sensations. We’re always happy to chat about what we do and about vegan food in general, so if you happen to see us at any future events please come and say hi 🙂


Festivals and Outdoor Events We’ve Attended

  • Edinburgh Food Festival
  • The Biscuit factory
  • Fountain Bridge Fridays
  • Vegan Fair (Bellevue Church)
  • Vegan Quarter (Leith)
  • Vegan Festival (Corn Exchange)
  • Scottish Vegan Festival
  • Meadows Festival
  • GYO Events (St Andrews)
  • Cumbria Vegan Festival


Keep up to date with which upcoming festivals and events we will be attending on Facebook and Twitter










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